Tuesday, July 30, 2013

One Plague Hulk Body and Both Sword Hands Completed

Hey, folks!

Between last Thursday and Sunday, I spent about 16 hours working on getting the body of the first of the two Forge World Nurgle Plague Hulks that I will be using as Soul Grinders completed.  Here are a variety of pictures of his body.  You'll notice that his left arm ends in a stump; this is where the "sword hand" goes, and I'll talk more about them after the body pictures.  This guy is full of fantastic details, and I hope you can pick them out in these pictures I took using my iPhone:

Then, yesterday (Monday), I was able to spend 6.5 hours working on both of the sword hands for both of the Plague Hulks.  I figured I might as well do both of them at the same time, as either one could be used interchangeably with either Plague Hulk body, so I wanted them to look as identical as possible.  Here's a picture of the two swords:

You'll notice that one of the swords has a "brace" across the "stone" blade.  That's because the good old Forge World resin sword had warped, and as I was gently trying to bend it back into place, I used just an erg or two too many of force and it snapped right in half.  I decided to use a piece of sprue that I carved up to look, well, not like sprue, and applied one section on both sides of that sword to brace it, as I was certain it would break again from just the superglue used to connect the two halves together.

I have since learned (the hard way) how to use a heat gun (thanks to Jimmy) to soften and then bend FW resin into the position I desire.  The "low" setting on Jimmy's heat gun feels about the same as the "high" setting on my wife's hair dryer, so I should be fine in the future when such situations occur again (which I know they will).  (I also know that very hot water, even hot from the tap, will accomplish the same thing and soften up the resin enough for it to be pliable and bent back into its proper shape.)

So here's what he looks like with one of the sword hands attached to the body:

Now I have to paint up the 6 legs for this bad boy, and get them assembled onto the body.  I'm going to start working on that tonight after work, and I hope I'll be able to get them all painted and assembled onto the body by, or hopefully before, this Saturday.

Here's what I've got as the recipe for painting the legs and doing the final assembly:

Plague Hulks' Legs:
  -  Paint metallic trim & blades of the Plague Hulk's legs Ironbreaker.
  - Pick out details (like Chaos Stars, rods & the balls of the legs) with Copper.
  -  Wash Ironbreaker parts with Sepia.
  -  Wash the Copper parts with Coelia Greenshade.
  -  Paint corrupted parts of the Plague Hulk's legs.
       -- Paint open sores Bugman's Glow as a base coat.
       -- Paint pustules Yellow.
       -- Wash pustules Yellow.
  -  Wash the Plague Hulk's legs with Athonian Camoshade.
       -- Layer sores with Warlock Purple.
       -- Layer sores with Emperor's Children.
       -- Dry brush sores with Bleached Bone.
       -- Wash sores with Druchii Violet.
  -  Do any additional final details of Plague Hulk's legs.
  -  Matte varnish Plague Hulk's legs.
  -  Gloss varnish open sores on Plague Hulk's legs.
  -  Assemble Plague Hulk's legs to his body.
  -  Do final touch ups of Plague Hulk after assembling legs to body, including edge highlights on the legs, the sword, the gun & the engine stacks, and anything else that might look good getting an edge highlight

  -  Add Nurglings to the legs & possibly chassis of the Plague Hulk???
       == First Plague Hulk should be complete at this point!!!


Hope you like what you see.  Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think!

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