Thursday, July 25, 2013

July 25th Update

Here's today's entry from my painting journal.  Please let me know if you find these interesting, or if I'm going into too much detail and being tedious...

Plan for Thursday:
  -  Stay home and recover from minor oral surgery, OR...
  -  Go to Empire Games (FLGS, Mesa, AZ) and Primer 30 Plaguebearers, OR...
  -  Go to Empire and Primer one of the Plague Hulk bodies and get started painting it...
         ==>> Actual ==>> Decided to primer one of the Plague Hulks and get started on him.  

Got my bony protrusion in my jaw taken care of this morning, and it wasn't as bad as the Doc told me it would be yesterday, but it still hurts like hell and hurts to talk and swallow.  So I headed out to Empire around 2:00 PM & assumed a leisurely pace, getting my paints organized for the Hulk & Plaguebearers that I'll probably work on after I get the first Hulk finished.  The primer job worked out pretty well, despite it being 97F and a tad humid.  

It was a slow but productive night. I spent quite a while examining the Plague Hulk's body & chassis, working out a plan of attack & getting it written down on my iPad.  I got all the metal parts painted Ironbreaker, including the underside of the chassis, and various stuff that's embedded in fleshy folds across the body proper.  Then I got the gaping wounds, open sores, and mouth & tongue painted with a base coat of Bugman's Glow in preparation for further grossification, in the same manner that I did my Great Unclean One, so a variety of purples, pinks, some Bleached Bone highlights and Druchii Violet washing will come later there. 

Then I got the gun barrel and smokestacks at the rear of the Hulk also painted Bugman's Glow, as these have the same texture and appearance of the gun barrels and barrel of goo on the back of the GUO.  I'll have to consult my notes from when I painted the GUO to see what I'll be doing to these parts next, but I think it involves some Athonian Camoshade washing when I wash the body itself, and then later gloss varnishing after the matte varnish spray, much later in the process.  

I'm feeling a bit better in my mouth, with the help of some Vicodin, but I'm back to eating soft foods, mostly yogurt, & frozen custard, courtesy of Culver's across the street from Empire Games.  I made it an early night so I could catch up on sleep & get an early start tomorrow (Friday) so I can jet out to Empire after my last meeting of the day ends at 4:00 PM.  Next steps tomorrow evening will be...

Plague Hulk Body - Next Steps:
   -  Paint the corrugated pipes on the gun and "engine", and the trim & rods (???) on the underside of the chassis, and anything else that would benefit from it, with Copper.
   -  Paint pustules with thinned Yellow.
   -  Wash the pustule areas with Yellow wash. 
   -  Paint the vomit issuing forth from the PH's mouth an appropriate sickly color, probably mixing Yellow with Rotting Flesh.
   -  Wash the Copper parts with thinned Coelia Greenshade.
   -  Wash the Ironbreaker parts with Sepia.
   -  Dunk the entire PH in water & Wash the Plague Hulk's Body with Athonian Camoshade, trying to not saturate the metal parts completely with this wash (but washing the gun and smokestacks).
   -  Layer the guts and open sores with varying degrees of Warlock Purple and Emperor's Children Pink. Wash with Druchii Violet or Carroburg Crimson, highlight with Pink & Bleached Bone & wash some more, in the same manner as was done on the GUO, until satisfied.
   -  Paint the mouth & tongue area Pink & wash with Crimson, then highlight with Pink & Bleached Bone & wash some more until it looks appropriate, possibly using Bloodletter glaze as a last step.
   -  Touch up the pustules with more Yellow paint & wash.
   -  Apply various Nurgly washes to vary the coloring across the body.
   -  Pick out any amazing details the Plague Hulk's body that I might have missed, such as the little gauge on his back, the various little bugs & worms crawling all over his body & intestines, the occasional fly, etc.
   -  Do any obvious edge highlighting that may be required to the body.
   -  Matte varnish the Plague Hulk's body.
   -  Gloss varnish the appropriate parts of the Plague Hulk's body.

Sounds like a lot, and the list will probably evolve and morph as I actually do things, but that's the recipe as it stands right now.   And, to be realistc, I probably won't get it all done in one evening's work, but with the family out of town & no work the next day, I should be able to get quite a bit knocked off this task list.  Some things go faster than others, but there's going to be time spent waiting for major areas that have received a wash treatment to dry before I'll want to pick up the model again, and some steps are iterative, like the gaping wounds, and their results develop organically until they get to be "just right". If I can get to the point where I give the model it's first full wash of Athonian Camoshade before the end of the evening, I'll be happy, and should be able to get the rest done with a full day's work on Saturday.

After the body, I still have all the legs, and the hand holding the sword to get painted, and then get the legs assembled onto the body.  Then this sucker will be "done"...

Like I said, please let me know if you find this level of detail interesting, or whether you'd prefer that I go back to just posting an entry when a major milestone has been met, such as getting the Plague Hulk's body completed. 

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