Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Nine Plague Toads (Beasts of Nurgle) Completed in 6 Days!

Hey, Folks!  I got all 9 of my Forge World Nurgle Plague Toads (which I'm going to be using as Beasts of Nurgle in my games of 40K) completed in just 6 elapsed days over 8 calendar days (wasn't able to work on them 2 of the days from Sunday, July 14th thru this past Sunday, July 21st).  Total time spent on getting them built, primed, painted, based and varnished was 24 work hours.

I really love these little guys!  They have such great attitude, and are much better models than the GW plastic Beast of Nurgle, which to me just looks like a giant turd.  Plus, there's only one GW plastic model, and who ever runs just one of these things?  As you can see from the picture above, I've based them so that I can run as a unit of 5 (green base edges) and a unit of 4 (brown base edges).

Another thing that's a plus in the Forge World Plague Toads' favor over the GW Plastic Beast of Nurgle model is that if you can get a large enough FW order put together so that you get free shipping, these little guys come out to just about the same cost per Toad as a single plastic Beast model (in my case a little less; depends on the exchange rate at the time you buy).  The GW plastic Beast is $24.75, plus tax, while at GBP43.00 for three different poses (no tax), each Toad comes out to around $22.00 apiece, give or take.  And even if you can't find enough buddies to put together a GBP250 order to get the free shipping and end up having to pay the (outrageous) 15% shipping charge, they still come out to about $25 apiece.  So, for me and my money, the FW Plague Toads were the only way to go.

I had seen these little monsters while cruising the FW website before, but what made me go for them when I realized how bad ass Beasts of Nurgle could be in the new Daemons codex was the battle report in the March White Dwarf, which featured Plague Toads as stand-ins for Beasts of Nurgle.  After seeing those pictures, I was sold on them!

And even with only 3 sculpts, there's so much you can do with them when you paint them to give you more variety that I have no problem running multiples of the same sculpt in the same unit.

And, being Nurgle, I mostly used washes, and very little paint, to get them to come out like this.  That, and a lot of imagination, plus some input, suggestions and help from bystanders and friends at my FLGS.

So, I can't wait to get a game in with my Daemons at some point to see how they actually perform.  Still more Daemons to paint to get ready for Valhalla, but I'm continuing to make progress!

I hope you like these little buggers.  As always, thanks for taking the time to read this, and please leave a comment below before you go!

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