Sunday, April 19, 2015

J.D.’s Secret PHR Project

Hey, Folks.

So, as some of you might know, I love my PHR (Post-Human Republic).  It’s my “first” army for Dropzone Commander, and it’s the one that I got fully painted up for Valhalla last October.  Here are a few pictures of my painted PHR models:

However, since this past Valhalla I have acquired quite a few additional PHR models in my collection, and I just don’t feel like painting the same scheme on the new models, especially the Type 4 walkers (Hades, Barros and Nemesis).  I just don’t think that the current color scheme will look good on the bigger models, and I’m not entirely satisfied with this look.

So, I have decided to re-do all of my existing PHR, as well as new PHR models, in a brand new color scheme.  I spent this past Friday night and prety much all day and night Saturday working out a new color scheme, and used two of my unpainted Helios jetskimmers as test subjects.  I also tried out some of the early stages on a pair of plastic June A2s.  I ended up finishing one Helios completely, and (finally) to my satisfaction.

Here is the new look of my PHR forces:

Here are some pictures of the same model in "natural" light, taken tonight just before sundown (in the shade):

Please let me know what you think of this new paint scheme!

Now for the sad part...

In order to re-do all of my PHR, I will be replacing my existing painted models with new ones (this process is already underway).  So, I will be selling all of my painted PHR, along with a Portable Warfare “The Sargent” bag and the foam necessary to transport these models.

This force comes out to 2,765 points fully kitted out as –is.  Here is a list of all of the models in this collecton:

And here is an army list from FFoR for this 2,765+ points worth of painted PHR:

J.D.’s PHR 2765 - All Painted
Battle: 2762/2765 points
Standard Army
                PHR Standard Roster [2762/2765 pts]
                                Hand of the Sphere [706 pts]
                                                Command Squad: Zeus(Grand Vizier), Odin, Neptune [306 pts]
                                                Sirens: 2x Sirens, Triton A1(+Stealth Missiles, +Miniguns) [142 pts]
                                                Sirens: 2x Sirens, Triton A1(+Stealth Missiles, +Miniguns) [142 pts]
                                                Mercury Drones: 4x Mercury, 2x Triton A2(+Stealth Missiles, +RN-5 Skyhammer) [116 pts]
                                Battle Pantheon [410 pts]
                                                Battle Squad: 2x Ares, Neptune [124 pts]
                                                Battle Squad: 2x Phobos, Neptune [166 pts]
                                                Helios Squad: 2x Helios [120 pts]
                                Battle Pantheon [290 pts]
                                                Battle Squad: 2x Ares, Neptune [124 pts]
                                                Battle Squad: 2x Phobos, Neptune [166 pts]
                                Immortals [228 pts]
                                                Immortals: 2x Immortals, Triton A1(+Stealth Missiles, +Miniguns) [114 pts]
                                                Immortals: 2x Immortals, Triton A1(+Stealth Missiles, +Miniguns) [114 pts]
                                Immortals [224 pts]
                                                Immortals: 2x Immortals, Neptune, 2x Juno A1 [152 pts]
                                                ^ Sharing ^ Immortals: 2x Immortals [72 pts]
                                Heavy Pantheon [634 pts]
                                                Heavy Squad: Odin, Enyo, Hyperion, Poseidon [259 pts]
                                                ^ Sharing ^ Heavy Squad: Odin, Enyo, Hyperion [189 pts]
                                                Command Squad: Zeus, Odin, Neptune [186 pts]
                                Air Wing [270 pts]
                                                Athena Squad: Athena [135 pts]
                                                Athena Squad: Athena [135 pts]

I’m asking $450.00USD (OBO) for the entire package, bag, foam, flight stands and all, and I will ship anywhere in the continental United States for free; for international shipping, we will need to figure out what the cost would be and provide a discounted additional amount to the asking price (if any).  If you or someone you know is interested in the army, please make me an offer!  I'd like it to find a good home!

Please let me know what you think of the new paint scheme!  As always, comments and feedback are always welcome.


  1. New scheme looks great! Very detailed!

  2. I like the new scheme. I prefer the natural light shots, you get to see the actual colour (yes that IS spelt correctly). The first few photos make it look purple!

    Why not think about not painting everything the same? Aircraft can be different to walkers, which can be different to skimmers. You can have elements that tie the army together.

    1. That's a good point, Mike. I think they'll all have the basic components, such a the grey basecoat, red lines, metal parts and black sensor dome, but there's lots of things I could do with the walkers and the aircraft with the different shades of grey that I have at my disposal, plus other "highlight" options.

      Any suggestions?

  3. aw, i liked the old blue and red scheme b/c it was so bright and different to what is normally seen.

    as for the new scheme, i like it for the most part. I find the yellow a bit too saturated and distracting for my tastes. The red is so foreboding, but it fights with the yellow. If the yellow were pushed closer to a cream the red wouldn't fight w/ it. Just my $0.02. I really like the grey, very military.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Chris.

      I've got a ton of pictures of other models that I've spent quite a lot of time on. Using Mike's feedback of doing something a little different with the walkers, etc, I've come up with something that, while maybe not totally original, I really, really like. And everybody I've shown the new stuff to (not this Helios, but Type 1s, a Nemesis, Neptunes and 2 Junos) really likes it, too, and prefers it to the old scheme. Unfortunately, all of my pictures are shots done inside the FLGS, and at night, and I haven't been able to get any good " natural light" pictures taken yet. As soon as I can, I'll get those pictures up in a follow up post, and you'll be able to see what the "something different" that Mike inspired is....

      Sorry for the tease, but I've been swamped with a class at work, and before that I took a week off to try to quit smoking. I still haven't gotten to a day without at least 3 or 4 cigarettes yet, and part of the process involves me staying the hell away from my family so that I don't snap at them and damage my relationship with my wife any more than it is (she's totally sick of my smoking, but more irked by how many times I've quit, and then started up again, so she's less than supportive of these efforts and can't resist making little digs, which just irritate my already "climbing the walls" state of being, so I'm just staying away and spending all my non-work and non-sleep time at the FLGS).

      Anyway, that was probably TMI, but the point is, I've been doing a LOT of painting, and picture taking indoors, but I need to get some outdoor shots that I can post up, and then you'll see what I'm talking about...


      Stay tuned... 8^D

    2. gah, don't tell me that, i'm engaged!

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