Thursday, October 17, 2013

Mission Accomplished!!! All Is Ready For Valhalla!

Well, almost everything...  I have one Herald of Nurgle that I need to finish the basing, but I loaned it to my friend John to use at both DuelCon and Feast of Blades, and he lives in Albuquerque, and I live near Phoenix, so I might not be able to get that basing done until we see each other at Valhalla next week.

Otherwise, here's a couple of wide shot of everything that I got painted in the last 6.5 months, with a few exceptions, which I'll explain in a minute:

I need to do a more thorough post on everything that I was able to accomplish in the past 6+ months, but I wanted to get this post up ASAP, as I'll be leaving for Valhalla this coming Sunday, and between work, family and getting ready to go to Utah, I might not have time to do the subject justice (or at least the way I want to).

What's missing in the group in the above shots is one unit of 10 Plaguebearers, which I also loaned to John (they're finished), and the Herald of Nurgle I mentioned above.  What's in those pictures includes some things that either I had painted much earlier in my career, such as 3 Obliterators (Night Lords), and a single, 2nd Edition Chaos Autocannon Havoc plus two Night Lords Aspiring Champions to use with my two squads of Autocannon Havocs.

Also included in the group of models in the pictures above are some models that were part of my "Guest Artist Series" of Heralds of Nurgle that were painted by friends of mine, including Epidemius, a unit of 25 Plague Zombies (the large unit on the far left, which I built by kit-bashing the Cadian Shock Troops kit with the Fantasy Zombies kit) which my friend Aaron painted for me, and Typhus, which was also painted by Aaron.  Otherwise, everything else was painted by me during the time of writing for this blog.

The last thing that I was able to finish was painting/basing a Battle Foam X-Board display tray in a manner that would work for both my Nurgle forces and my Night Lords that are providing Heavy Support:  Prior to that, and after I'd finished the second Plague Hulk, I was able to get the edge highlighting done on both of my Heldrakes.  These two tasks, the edge highlighting of the Heldrakes and the purchase and painting/basing of the display board, were the last stretch goals that I was able to achieve, and marked the end of my preparations for Valhalla this year.  I finished the display board this past Tuesday, October 15th.

And here's how my "standard" 2,000 point list of CSMs (Death Guard and Night Lords) with Nurgle Daemon Allies looks on the board:

The display board was John's idea.  He's got one, too, and the plan is to avoid having to pack up after each game and then unpack again for the next game every day; instead, I'll probably be running the same list(s), or variations of them, most of the time, so I can just put the models onto the display board after a game, set it on a side table, go grab lunch or dinner, then come back and get my next game in, retrieving the display board (and my army) from the side table.  It will save a lot of time!

Sorry I don't have time to write more as a summary of all of my efforts, or include more of the pictures of the entire group of both CSMs and Daemons in this post.  I will do that as soon as I'm able, but for now, I just wanted to let you all know that I'm DONE with all my modeling, converting and painting, and ready to head North to Valhalla!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Second Plague Hulk Completed!

Hey, Folks.

Sorry it's take me so long to report this, but I finally got the second (and last) Plague Hulk (which I will be using as a Soul Grinder) completed back on Wednesday, October 2nd.  I actually got him assembled and mostly finished on Tuesday, September 24th, but wasn't able to get any hobby time in after that due to attending all of my daughter's performances of an adaptation of Hamlet, in which she played Ophelia.  (Let me tell you, she does "crazy" really well!).  So it wasn't until October 2nd that I was able to finish all the edge highlighting on the legs and snap a few pictures, and then work got in the way and it wasn't until last night that I was able to set up both Plague Hulks together and snap a few pictures of them so I could put up this post.

So, without further ado, Plague Hulk #2, affectionately known as "Lefty", because his left claw still moves:

It only took me 26 hours to complete Lefty, compared to the 40 hours it took me to get the first Plague Hulk, "Righty", finished up.  I think the difference was that with Righty, I didn't know what I'd be doing in terms of painting him, whereas with Lefty I knew just what I was going to do and just had to bang him out;  also, when I did Righty I painted up both sword hands, including fixing the one I broke trying to bend the resin straight, so that added some time to how long it took to get Righty finished.

So, all told, it took me 66 hours to paint and magnetize both Plague Hulks.  Here they are together:

I can't wait to get them on the tabletop and into a game!

And with that, all I had left to do was base all 5 of the Heralds of Nurgle, and do the edge highlighting on the two Heldrakes, and I could call it good.

I got the bases done on 4 of the 5 Heralds finished up last night (more work and family stuff causing me some delays in getting hobby time in), but I had loaned the 5th Herald to a friend of mine (along with 10 of my Plaguebearers) to use at DuelCon and Feast of Blades.  So, I won't see Herald #5 until we both get to Valhalla, and then I'll need to get him based PDQ.  Once I have all 5 Heralds finished, I'll put up a post about them, as they were painted by my "Guest Artists" series of painters, each one done by a different friend, in very different styles.  (All but 2 of them are different models, too; I have Epidemius, which I can use either as himself or just a Herald on a palanquin, but in those games when I don't want to have either and still want to have 4 Heralds to run with my 4 squads of Plaguebearers, I got a second one of the new GW plastic Herald of Nurgle that came out when the Daemons codex hit this past February, so I can run that one as an alternate.)

Also last night, I was able to get the edge highlighting done on one of my two Heldrakes, and expect that I'll be able to get the second one finished tonight.  So I will try to get updated pictures of both of those up as soon as possible.

In the meantime, please take a moment to comment on these two Plague Hulks, and let us all know what you think!

Chaos vs Tau Battle Report #2

Hey, Folks.

Here’s another battle report of another game against Tau, this time with a different opponent, my friend James Conley.  James has been playing a lot of games with his Tau since the new codex came out, and I think he played them quite a bit before that; in other words, Tau are not a new army to him.  He had a very different lineup from what Josh threw at me about a week prior, which I knew was going to happen, which is also what I wanted to have happen as I’m trying to get in as many games against different opponents, armies and builds as possible before heading off to Valhalla (in less than two weeks!!!).  I, on the other hand, used the same list as I did against Josh, but I’ll repeat it here.

(Unlike last battle report, this time I took pictures.  They’re a bit fuzzy here and there, since it was just my old iPhone 3GS, which doesn’t have great focusing software, but they should give you and idea of how the battlefield looked at the start of each turn.  You’ll find those below nestled in with the narrative of the battle.)

Here’s the lineup:

Warhammer 40,000 Battle Report
Tuesday, October 1st, 2013
Chaos Space Maries w/ Chaos Daemon Allies
The Tau Empire
1,850 Points

Chaos Space Marines and Daemons:
Primary Detachment:
  • Jon’Ker De’Bloath, Chaos Lord on Bike with Mark of Nurgle, Sigil of Corruption, The Burning Brand of Skalathrax, The Black Mace, Blight Grenades, Melta Bombs, Gift of Mutation. – 220 Points.
  • 4 Chaos Spawn with the Mark of Nurgle – 144 Points.
  • 7 Plague Marines with 2 Plasma Guns – 198 Points.
  • 7 Plague Marines with 2 Plasma Guns – 198 Points.
  • 2 Heldrakes with Baleflamers – 2 X 170 = 340 Points.
  • 5 CSM Havocs with Mark of Nurgle and 4 Autocannon – 130 Points.
  • 2 CSM Obliterators with Mark of Nurgle – 152 Points.
  • Great Unclean One, Psyker Level 3, 1 Greater Daemonic Reward, 1 Exalted Daemonic Reward – 290 Points.
  • 10 Plaguebearers of Nurgle – 90 Points.
  • 10 Plaguebearers of Nurgle – 90 Points.
  • Total = 1,852 Points.

Tau Empire (to the best of my recollection, and without unit points costs):
Primary Detachment:
  • Commander Farsight.
  • Farsight’s “Gang of 7”, mostly kitted out with double plasma, plus a fusion gun, and one guy had no weapons, just the Command and Control Node so that everyone else could ignore cover; plus 6 shield drones.
  • Crisis Suit Commander with missiles, plasma and 8 Marker Drones.
  • 12 Firewarriers with Shas’ui and Marker Drone.
  • 12 Firewarriers with Shas’ui and Marker Drone.
  • 12 Firewarriers with Shas’ui and Marker Drone.
  • 7 Pathfinders with Marker Lights.
  • 3 Crisis Suits with plasma and missiles, plus 3 Shield Drones.
  • 2 Broadsides with all the missle goodness and Sky Fire.
  • None.
  • Total = ~1,850 Points.  (I didn’t see James’ list, but I trust him.)

James had a lot of points tied up with Farsight and his Gang.  It would be the first time I faced such a list, so it promised to be interesting.

I should note here that this was not a campaign game, so my Nurgle Biker Lord did not have all the nice gubbins that he had when I played Josh.

We originally rolled up The Scouring, but neither of us wanted to deal with randomly determined victory points for objectives, so we just agreed to Crusade and rolled up 3 objectives for that.  Dawn of War was the deployment that we rolled, and James won the roll-off to see who would place objective markers first, so that would give him two objectives to my one, which suited him well, as it allowed him to be more static, as Tau tend to be.

I had set up the board while James was getting his army out of his car.  It was my usual, less-than-creative, very symmetrical set up, with good amounts of cover for all possible deployments.  James agreed that it was OK with him before we started rolling for mission and deployment. 

I won the roll-of for who would go first, and gave James the honor of deploying and going first, which would give him a turn of uninhibited shooting to pulverize whatever he wanted to with all the Marker Lights that he had, but I wanted to see how he would deploy, and there’s always a chance to seize the initiative.  However, I generally like to go last in objectives games, so I often won’t attempt to seize.

Since James was running Farsight he already knew what his Warlord Trait would be, which is that Farsight and his unit don’t scatter at all when they arrive from Deep Strike, which is what James was planning to do with him.  We agreed that I would roll and then choose from one of the three tables in the BRB for my Warlord Trait, as that’s the way James usually does it in his friendly games, and that’s the way that Jimmy does it at Empire Games when he’s running tournaments.  Makes it a bit more balanced in that you don’t necessarily end up getting totally screwed if you roll something on the table you picked first that wouldn’t benefit you at all.  I rolled a 6, and chose from the Personal table, which made my Warlord (my Nurgle Chaos Biker Lord) a scoring unit.  Well, if he survived until the end of the game, which would be a rarity…

I then had to roll for my Daemonic Rewards and Psychic Powers for the GUO.  For the Greater Daemonic Reward I rolled Dark Blessing, which would allow my GUO to re-roll failed Invulnerable saves, which wasn’t bad at all.  For the Exalted Reward I knew what I was going to do, but rolled on the chart anyway and got Unholy Frenzy, which would have given him Rage and Frenzy, which weren’t bad, but I decided to do what I’d planned to do anyway, which was to swap that out for one of the Hellforged Artefacts, the Grimoire of True Names.  I’d only used the Grimoire once before, in the previous game against Josh’s Tau, and it proved to be a huge boon to my game, so I was hoping for similar luck this time.

For my Psychic Powers for the GUO I rolled up Iron Arm (Yeah!), Warp Speed (Yeah!), and Haemmorrhage (so-so), so no complaints there.

(And, once again, I forgot that I had purchased Gift of Mutation for my Biker Lord, so didn’t roll on the Chaos Boon table for him.  Need to create a checklist that I can use every game to be sure I go through all the necessary pre-game steps, and also don’t forget to do Blessings and Maledictions at the start of each movement phase…)

Then James started deploying.  He spread out across his deployment zone with all of his units, but kept his 3 units of Fire Warriors bunched up around the two objectives he’d placed in cover in his deployment zone, just over 12” from each other on my left side of the table.  I had placed my single objective marker in cover in my deployment zone, but to the left of the center so that it was in the same half of the table as James’ two objectives.  This would (hopefully) allow me to not have to spread myself out, as I knew I would be making a push towards his two objective, as just holding my one wouldn’t cut it by the end of the game; or so was my thinking along those lines.

James held Farsight and his bodyguard in Reserve, as expected.  I had 11 units to work with, so held 6 of them in Reserve:  The 2 Heldrakes (which had to start in Reserve), Mr. Fat Pants (the GUO), the unit of 2 Oblits, and both units of Plaguebearers.  My plan was to weather whatever shooting was necessary until Reserves started showing up, and Deep Striking close to James’ line and press towards his objectives.  I put my Havocs in the only building that made sense, and stuffed the Biker Lord and his escort of 4 Chaos Spawn down in the ground floor level of the same building, so that they would have as straight a shot at James’ big cluster of Fire Warrior units as possible on my turn, but would be out of line of sight of as much as possible at the start of the game.  I then positioned one unit of Plague Marines about in the middle of the table, out of cover but also out of sight of all of the Fire Warriors, although I knew they’d be lit up by the Marker Drones with the Crisis Suit Commander, and then shot at by the Crisis Suit Team on my right side of the table.  The other unit of Plague Marines I put behind the cover that my objective was in, so that they would be out of range of James’ Fire Warriors, and as out of sight from his Pathfinders as possible. 

Here are some shots of how the battlefield looked after deployment, at the start of Turn 1:

Turn 1:
James’ Pathfinders lit up my Havocs with their Marker Lights, and then a couple of squads of Fire Warriors shot the living shit out of them, wiping out the squad.  I think the Broadsides contributed to that, too, but they may have shot at the Plague Marines that were behind my objective, in which case that’s how I lost one there.  A few Fire Warriors were able to take pot shots at my Biker Lord, but either none were able to wound, or he successfully Look Out,Sir-ed them off to the Spawn, who make their cover saves.

He then lit up the Plague Marines that were hoping to make a dash for the cover in the middle of the table with 7 of his 8 Marker Drones, and then shot at them with all the Crisis Suits, and managed to kill three of them.

In my half of Turn 1 the Biker Lord and the Spawn crashed through the wall of the building they were sheltering in and made a bee-line down my left hand side of the table towards the Fire Warriors guarding one of James’ objectives.  Two of the Spawn managed to make it into cover, and three of them remained in base contact with the Biker Lord, since I didn’t have to worry about any template or blast templates hitting them, so I could distribute the Look Out, Sirs amongst them as much as possible.  

The Plague Marines behind my objective moved up into the cover (mostly), and the Plague Marines that had been lit up by so many Marker Drones decided to angle off to the right and head towards the Crisis Suits that had jumped closer to them in their assault phase.  I had very little shooting, since my Havocs had been obliterated, but the Death Guard on my right angling towards the Crisis Suit team got lucky and took out a few Shield Drones with their rapid fire shooting.  The Biker Lord used the Burning Brand of Skalathrax to flame 4 Fire Warriors out of the squad to my far left, which was the squad he and the Spawn intended to assault next turn.  The units I shot at either didn’t need to take a Morale test after shooting, or passed it.

And that was about it for Turn 1. 

Turn 2:
James rolled for his only unit in Reserves, Farsight and his buddies, but they were still discussing strategy on the mother ship, and decided not to turn up just yet.  That worked just fine for me.

James moved his Marker Drones and their Crisis Suit master closer to the Plague Marines on my right, and edged up his Crisis Suit team even closer, I guess to try to get within rapid fire range, but it was looking pretty hopeful that if they rolled poorly for their assault phase jump, and didn’t wipe out the Plague Marines, that I might have a chance of charging that unit of Crisis Suits in my turn.

Here’s a look at the table at the start of Turn 2, after James’ movement phase:

James managed to peel off a wound on two of the Spawn, thanks to Look Out, Sirs, as well as the Biker Lord, who failed one Look Out, Sir and then failed his armor save.  *Sigh*.  Chaos Lords only have 3 wounds, so the loss of any one of them that could otherwise be prevented is aggravating.

Otherwise, the Broadsides targeted my Plague Marines that were in the cover with my objectived, and managed to kill one of them.  Then, in his assault phase, his Crisis Suit team on my right only rolled a 3 for their assault jump away from the Plague Marines near them, which made me hopeful that they could assault the Crisis team in my turn.

In my half of Turn 2, the following showed up from Reserves:
  • One Heldrake.
  • The Great Unclean One.
  • One unit of Plagubearers.
  • The unit of 2 Obliterators.
This was also very beneficial for me.  There were some tense moments for me, as I got aggressive with my Deep Strike positions, and the GUO almost had a mishap, dropping in very close to James’ Pathfinders, and the Plaguebearers almost scattered onto the Spawn accompanying the Lord.  However, I got lucky, and both units came in just far enough out to make it in and not require me to roll on the Deep Strike Mishap table.  The Oblits hit right where I wanted them to, and the Heldrake flew in from my right side, vector striking the Crisis Team and taking a toll.  The Crisis Team was still there, but they lost some drones and some wounds from the Heldrake’s vector strike.

The GUO used the Grimoire on the Heldrake, as James’ Broadsides had Sky Fire, and it was presenting its ass to the Crisis Team, so if I didn’t get them tied up in close combat this turn, they could take snap shots at it’s AV10 side with plasma, which could prove a problem.

The Lord then split off from the Spawn, and both units advanced towards the Fire Warrior teams harboring in the ruins on my left.  The Plague Marines in the cover with my objective moved through cover pretty well, managing to get most of them out of the cover.

In the shooting phase, the Lord refrained from shooting at the Fire Warriors in front of him with the Burning Brand of Skalathrax, not wanting to thin their numbers too low, or have no models on the ground floor to try to attack.  The Heldrake flamed the Pathfinders with its Baleflamer, causing considerable damage and forcing the Marker Light toting Tau to break.  The Plague Marines on my right declined to shoot at the Crisis Team with their bolt pistols for fear of putting themselves out of charge range, which after moving an unobstructed 6” was only 5”.  If I recall correctly, the Plague Marines emerging from the cover in the middle of the action where just barely in range of the Fire Warriors opposite them, but I can’t recall for sure, or whether they were able to shoot any of them successfully (they may have run, can’t recall for sure).

The real boon to this turn of shooting, in addition to the Heldrake’s results, was the Obliterators one-shotting both of the Broadsides with their multi-meltas.  That took a huge threat off the board, and left the Oblits free to focus on the Fire Warriors that remained directly in front of them on one of James’ objectives.

In my assault phase, the Spawn assaulted the Fire Warrior squad immediately to my left, drawing all of the Overwatch from them and the squad next to them.  Since they were in the open, they didn’t have any cover, and as a result took a few wounds, which left me with 2 Spawn with full wounds (James had a good Overwatch on the Spawn).  However, the Spawn were able to make their short charge distance, and the Biker Lord, without having to worry about any Overwatch shots coming his way, assaulted the same squad.  My units caused enough wounds to force James to make a break test, which he failed, and that unit of Fire Warriors got run down.  However, in the process they were able to put a wound on the Biker Lord, so he was down to one wound, and they also peeled one wound off of one of the Spawn.

On my right, the Plague Marines were successful in their assault into the Crisis Team.  They took no wounds, and managed to kill off one Crisis Suit and the two shield drones, but the Crisis Team didn’t break, which suited me just fine.

Turn 3:
Here’s a look at how things stood at the start of Turn 3:

This was a pivotal turn for me, which I’ll summarize here:

James’ Turn 3:
  • Farsight & Friends were still busy studying the unfolding battle from the safety of their Manta in orbit, and so once again didn’t turn up for James.
  • The Pathfinders couldn’t regroup, and ran off the table (either that, or they ran off the table after being flamed by the Heldrake, but at this point I can’t remember; I tried to get this battle report completed the day after the game, but work got in the way, and I’m finishing it up almost a week later…)
  • The Biker Lord fell to Fire Warrior shooting.
  • The Plague Marines on the right finished off the Crisis Team and started making their way around James’ side of the building in the center of the table.
My Turn 3:
  • My second Heldrake turned up, flying in from the left corner of my board edge towards the two squads of remaining Fire Warriors.
  • My second squad of Plaguebearers also turned up, and scattered safely, but a little back from where I wanted them, but still within range to make it to the nearest objective in James’ deployment zone.
  • The Plaguebearers that had arrived Turn 2 rolled double 1s for their difficult terrain test, so just sort of spread out where they were, preparing to head back towards the objective in my deployment zone.
  • The Spawn moved out of the cover of the ruins on my left in James’ deployment zone and set up to charge the Fire Warriors that were left there.
  • The Plague Marines coming around from my right moved forwards, aiming for the objective in James’ deployment zone on my right.
  • The GUO got both the Grimoire and Iron Arm off, and moved out of cover and set up to attempt to assault the Crisis Suit Commander and whatever was left of his marker drones.
  • The first Heldrake vector struck the marker drone squad, putting some hurt on them, and set up to flame either Fire Warrior squad remaining on the objectives.
  • The Plague Marines in the middle of the action continued to press forward, putting more distance between them and the objective in my deployment zone, but in a position to dash back towards it in the next turn if their bolters and plasma guns weren’t needed forward.
  • The Oblits moved forward and got into “Howdy” range of the Fire Warriors in the cover with the objective on my right in James’ deployment zone.
  • The Heldrake and Oblits flamed the living hell out of both squads of Fire Warriors, but not quite finishing them off.
  • The Plague Marines on my right stumbled forward 1” in the shooting phase as they tried to run closer to James’ objective nearest to them.
  • The Spawn charged the Fire Warriors remaining in the ruins on my left, finishing them off.
  • The Oblits charged the Fire Warriors to my right of the squad the Spawn took care of business, finishing them off.
  •    ==>> At this point, James had no more Troops choices left, but he had First Blood and Slay the Warlord, and still has the potential for Farsight and his bodyguard to take care of my Troops and/or deny a key objective.
  • The GUO charged into the Crisis Suit Commander and his marker drones and got stuck in.

Turn 4:
This being Turn 4, Farsight and his bodyguard automatically came in at the start of James’ turn.  Being Farsight, he and his unit did not scatter when they arrive from Deep Strike.  Here’s how things looked after James selected where to place Farsight:

Using their ability to split fire, Farsight and his buddies (lots of dual plasma, plus a fusion blaster) made short work of my two remaining Plague Marine squads, which were both out in the open and had to rely on their Feel No Pain rolls to try to withstand the blasting they took from Farsight’s squad, but after Jame’s shooting phase both Plague Marine squads were gone.

In his assault phase, James moved Farsight’s squad towards my table edge somewhat with their jet packs, and spread out a bit so that they wouldn’t be totally bunched up when the baleflamer templates started dropping on them in my turn.

The GUO and the Crisis Suit Commander and his marker drones continued to duke it out on James’ side of the board.

In my half of turn 4, the both Heldrakes turned 90 degrees and were able to vector strike Farsight’s squad, taking a heavy toll.  The Plaguebearers in the open made a 6” bee-line for the closest objective in James’ deployment zone, while the other Plaguebearer squad managed to get out of the cover they were in and headed towards Farsight’s squad to see if they could do anything.  The Spawn wanted to join in that fun, too, so they headed straight for Farsight and his bodyguard as well.  The oblits managed a decent difficult terrain test and moved off of the objective they’d stood on after they wiped out the last of the Fire Warriors that had been there.

In my shooting phase, the Heldrakes both flamed Farsight’s squad, and did even more damage.  The Oblits tried to use their plasma cannons on Farsight’s squad, but they both overheated, and one of them took a wound.   Ouch.

Then the critical question:  Could I get both the Plaguebearers and the two remaining Spawn into combat with what remained of Farsight’s squad?  As it turned out, they did so easily.  I ended up winning combat, Farsight failed his break test, and the Spawn and the Plaguebearers ran them down. 

At this point it didn’t matter that the Crisis Suit Commander (who was down to one wound) was still in combat with the GUO, as I’d essentially tabled James.  Both units of Plaguebearers would have made it to an objective marker in Turn 5, and I had Slay the Warlord.  The Oblits would’ve made their way over to the GUO and Crisis Suit Commander’s combat and tried to join in, and with two player turns in Turn 5 to work with, I’m sure they would’ve taken care of the Commander.  So James called it at the end of Turn 4.

Victory Goes to Chaos!!!

This was a well played game on both our parts, I think, and I had a lot of fun, but then again, it’s always more fun when you win.  James seemed to have had a good time, and was very good natured about taking the loss.  In truth, his dice were not with him this game, while with only a few exceptions, mine rarely let me down (even my cursed scatter die!)

In retrospect, Farsight lost him the game.  By staying in Reserves until he had to show up Turn 4, the lack of that many points from his army taking part in earlier Turns really hampered James’ ability to deal with all the threats that I had on the table.

For my part, it was good to get another game in against a different Tau player who has a different style of play.  It was also probably good for me to lose my Havocs at the top of Turn 1, so that I had to figure out other means of trying to deal with all of the Marker Lights James had early, and secure a victory by some other means.  The Grimoire only let me own once, and my GUO did take a wound or two as a result of only having a 6++ save for one turn, but his Greater Gift was that he could re-roll Invulnerable saves, and that helped.  Iron Arm was a help, but I kept forgetting to cast Warp Speed on the GUO, which is just my inexperience with playing with a psyker.

If you’re still reading, thanks for taking the time to do so.  I hope you enjoyed this battle report.  As always, please feel free to leave a comment.