Sunday, July 26, 2015

Finally! Pictures of My Secret PHR Project

I've been working on these guys for quite some time.  After the Helios were finished, Mega Mike suggested that I do something different for the walkers and/or the rest of my army. So with input from a friend at my FLGS, I chose orange as an accent color. The effect is quite striking, although it looks in like these pictures the Orange is a bit washed out and looks more yellow than orange. I took these pictures with my iPad in the FLGS at about 5:00 PM today, which was a bright, sunny day in Mesa, AZ. Two of the walls of the store are all windows, so there's lots of natural light, plus the fluorescent lights overhead.  I'm going to try to take some more pictures after the sun goes down to see if I get a truer color, but I suspect I'll just get a lot of reflections from the overheads. If all else fails, I'll take pictures tomorrow in my backyard, where I get decent natural lighting at dusk, but I wanted to get these posted (as I wait for gloss varnish to dry on the latest batch) so I can try to post on the Hawk Forum and enter these guys in the July Painting Competition.