Saturday, April 4, 2015

1,500 Point Dropzone Commander Tournament - April 4, 2015 - Finale

So, Round 3 is over!  And the winner is...

...we'll get to that in a bit.  First some pictures from Round 3:

And here are the winners:

1st Place - James Winnett (Shaltari)
2nd Place - Andrew Fitzgerald (Shaltari)
3rd Place - Jacob Demenna (PHR)
4th Place - James Pearch (Shaltari)
5th Place - Jon Halter (Resistance)
6th Place - Sam Mijal (Scourge)
7th Place - Jake Halter (Shaltari) - Random Prize Winner
8th Place - Dylan Gage (PHR) - filling in for Garette Hill

The first 3 places finished "in the money".  The money collected as entry fees ($10 per player) were divided 40%/30%/20% with the Random Prize getting 10%.  All prizes were issued in store credit.

In addition, First Place won a new Hawk Wargames Cityscape set, while 2nd and 3rd each took home a laser line device, which really help when determining Line of Sight.

And here are the winners:

From left to right, Jake Halter (Random), Jacob Demenna (3rd) James Winnett (1st) and Andrew Fitzgerald (2nd).

It should be noted that while our DzC tournament was going on, there was a Warmachine/Hordes tournament going on at the same time in the store (Empire Games, Mesa, AZ).  The Wm/H tournament had 23 initial participants.  We had 8.  There were still some open gaming tables for folks to get pick up games on, and indeed, there were 40K games, an X-Wing game and later a Bolt Action game going on, while over on the card tables some guys were demoing Mantic's Dreadball.

This is the kind of thing that other game stores should aspire to.  Just sayin'...  :-D

Here is a breakdown of each Round, and the totas:

So, that wraps up our inaugural Dropzone Commander tournament at Empire Games in Mesa, AZ.  Thanks to everyone who could make it, and for those who couldn't or would like to be at the next one, I'm shooting for early May (also a Saturday), either the 2nd or the 9th are looking best at this point.  I will post up a topic at the Hawk Wargames Forum in the Tournaments & Events forum as soon as I get a date finalized, which I expect to be early next week, pending approval by Hawk Wargames (I don't foresee a problem, as I'm the only Hawk Talon in the Phoenix area, and in all of Arizona, I think, and no one else runs DzC tournaments, so there shouldn't be a conflict).

Thanks for taking the time to read these posts.  For more information, please see the topic for this event over at the Hawk Forums (


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    1. Thanks! I like doing things in Excel, I pretty much have a spreadsheet for everything. LOL! And what you see is an edited version, there more on the actual spreadsheet to help me get and stay organized...

  2. Nice pictures! Seems that Shaltari is really popular in your surroundings.

    // Jens

    1. Thanks!

      Yeah, there are a bunch of Shaltari in my meta. Got lots of experience playing vs them, so that's why I was so adamant that they needed a bit of a nerf, and so pleased when the Rules Update came out a few weeks ago... But the guy who came in Second last Saturday is going to use his PHR in next month's tourney. I think the guy who came in First will not be able to make the next one, as he's graduating from Grad School that day, which is too bad, but just how the dates worked out with other tournaments going on at the store... We'll see how many Shaltari show up next time...

  3. PAGE BREAKS MAN! PAGE BREAKS. I'm suing for RSI due to all the scrolling I have to do to read from the beginning.
    Looks like you all had a ton of fun, shame you didn't get to play. Will you be posting lists at all?

    1. Hey, Mike. Sorry; tell me how to add page breaks and I'll do it. LOL.

      Army lists are over on the Hawk Forum in the Tournaments & Events forum, in the topic for the event.

      Yeah, everybody had a great time, it was awesome! From what I can tell, they're all excited for the next one, which will be May 9th.

      I don't mind that I didn't get to play. I was busy answering a ton of rules questions during the first round, and then I spent a lot of time blogging about the event in real time, which was fine by me. Got a game in tonight (it's been 2 weeks!), and had a blast, tried out the "Push the Line" scenario from the Swedes' GothCon. Lots of fun, but it might need a bit of tuning, have to crunch some numbers. But very interesting. Also tried out the .nemesis for the first time. I've never used a Type 4 before, man, they're BIG models! And it hit stuff! Took out 3 Phobos in 2 rounds of shooting, easy-peasy. I'll post about it on the forums, or blog about it here, depends on how much free time I have tomorrow.

      Thanks for reading!

    2. As this is a blogger based blog, i presume the dashboard is the same as ours. Not sure if the page breaks show on the mobile/iPad app for blogger though.
      If using a computer, then it's the icon next to the clacker board - looks like a broken piece of paper (not just a clever name).

      Will you be playing in the next one? or reffing again?

      I love a good spreadsheet, being a Civil Engineer I use them so much!

    3. Thanks for the tip. Will check it out when I get the chance. Busy Friday and Saturday this past week; ran a Demo Day on International Tabletop Day at the FLGS, ended up sleeping all day today, and I've got a solid block of meetings in the AM, then need to get my taxes hammered out, Tax Day cometh!

      I will most likely be officiating again at the next one, unless my designated Ringer can't make it and I've got an odd number of players, then I'll play.

      Glad you like the spreadsheet. I use them for pretty much everything.