Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Second Plague Hulk Completed!

Hey, Folks.

Sorry it's take me so long to report this, but I finally got the second (and last) Plague Hulk (which I will be using as a Soul Grinder) completed back on Wednesday, October 2nd.  I actually got him assembled and mostly finished on Tuesday, September 24th, but wasn't able to get any hobby time in after that due to attending all of my daughter's performances of an adaptation of Hamlet, in which she played Ophelia.  (Let me tell you, she does "crazy" really well!).  So it wasn't until October 2nd that I was able to finish all the edge highlighting on the legs and snap a few pictures, and then work got in the way and it wasn't until last night that I was able to set up both Plague Hulks together and snap a few pictures of them so I could put up this post.

So, without further ado, Plague Hulk #2, affectionately known as "Lefty", because his left claw still moves:

It only took me 26 hours to complete Lefty, compared to the 40 hours it took me to get the first Plague Hulk, "Righty", finished up.  I think the difference was that with Righty, I didn't know what I'd be doing in terms of painting him, whereas with Lefty I knew just what I was going to do and just had to bang him out;  also, when I did Righty I painted up both sword hands, including fixing the one I broke trying to bend the resin straight, so that added some time to how long it took to get Righty finished.

So, all told, it took me 66 hours to paint and magnetize both Plague Hulks.  Here they are together:

I can't wait to get them on the tabletop and into a game!

And with that, all I had left to do was base all 5 of the Heralds of Nurgle, and do the edge highlighting on the two Heldrakes, and I could call it good.

I got the bases done on 4 of the 5 Heralds finished up last night (more work and family stuff causing me some delays in getting hobby time in), but I had loaned the 5th Herald to a friend of mine (along with 10 of my Plaguebearers) to use at DuelCon and Feast of Blades.  So, I won't see Herald #5 until we both get to Valhalla, and then I'll need to get him based PDQ.  Once I have all 5 Heralds finished, I'll put up a post about them, as they were painted by my "Guest Artists" series of painters, each one done by a different friend, in very different styles.  (All but 2 of them are different models, too; I have Epidemius, which I can use either as himself or just a Herald on a palanquin, but in those games when I don't want to have either and still want to have 4 Heralds to run with my 4 squads of Plaguebearers, I got a second one of the new GW plastic Herald of Nurgle that came out when the Daemons codex hit this past February, so I can run that one as an alternate.)

Also last night, I was able to get the edge highlighting done on one of my two Heldrakes, and expect that I'll be able to get the second one finished tonight.  So I will try to get updated pictures of both of those up as soon as possible.

In the meantime, please take a moment to comment on these two Plague Hulks, and let us all know what you think!

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