Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Update On Nurgle Biker Lord

Hey, Folks.

I realized last night that I was in such a hurry to (finally) put up a post about the completion of the Nurgle Biker Lord with The Black Mace, that I forgot to mention how long it took me to paint him and the bike up, and customize the bike to enable it to pop a wheelie on demand:

29 hours.

That might seem like a lot of time to put into one model, but that includes the time it took to magnetize both the front and the rear.  Also, there's a lot of detail on the bike, and it took some time to get The Black Mace put together with Green Stuff, toothpicks, plasticard tubing, brass rod and the chain from a pair of nail clippers.  Also, being the Warlord for my Nurgle CSM forces, I wanted to be sure I did the model justice in terms of painting.

Just wanted to give you that quick update.

I also wanted to give you a quick tease:  I've completed the 6 Nurgle Plague Drones (and their riders) already.  It only took one week + one day (total of 7 days work over 8 days) to get them finished.  I'll be posting about them soon, with lots of pictures...

As always, comments and feedback are always welcome...

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