Monday, August 26, 2013

Final Batch of 30 Plaguebearers Completed Saturday!

Hey, Folks!

Just wanted to let y'all know that I completed the final batch of 15 Plaguebearers this past Saturday, which is the final set of the 30 new PBs that I needed to get done in order to have at least 4 Daemons Troops choices and one set of 10 to pop out of the portaglyph.  That means that I have 50 painted and based Plaguebearers completed in total, with each squad of 10 having a different color on their base edges to denote the different squads.

In total it took me just 34.5 hours to complete these last 30 Plaguebearers, over about a little over two week timeframe.  Sorry I don't have more pictures of the newest 30, but I spent a marathon 7 hours on Saturday getting the last 15 painted and all 30 of the new guys based, organized into 5 squads of 10, the base edges of all 50 painted the appropriate color, all of them matte varnished, flocked and gloss varnished.  After that, I was pretty spent, and just didn't have it in me to set out all 5 squads individually and take pictures of them.  I'll try to get some close-up pictures taken here sometime soon, but you can see from the picture above what I've got, and get a general idea of what they look like and the variety in their finished looks.

That means that all I have left to do to get the minimum required done for Valhalla is to paint up the Nurgle Biker Lord, the 6 Plague Drones, and the last Plague Hulk.  I should be able to start on the Biker Lord tonight, and work on him in the evenings throughout the week (although I'll have to do so at home instead of at my FLGS for family reasons).

I'm really glad that I had to reschedule from the August Valhalla to the October one, as the August one just started today, and there's no way I would've been ready for it, at least to the degree that I wanted to be ready.

Now, it's time to get the rest done, try to get a few stretch goals fit in (doing the edge highlighting on the two Heldrakes, and getting a few more Havocs built and painted up so that I can run a squad of 4 Missile Launchers and 4 Lascannons with Aspiring Champions, if needed, plus a few other "like to" tasks), and try to get a few games in so that I'm not too rough with my rules when I get to Utah...

As always, comments are always welcome!

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