Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Top Tip: When Priming Models Black...

Hey, folks.

I wanted to pass along a tip that a friend of mine, Dan Brugman, gave me about priming models black before painting them.  (Dan is currently an art major in college and, I think, an excellent painter.)  His suggestion is that after you have primed the model black, take white primer and from about an arm's length away, lightly "dust" the black primed model with a very small amount of white primer on all sides.  This provides some "depth" that is otherwise lost on the monochromatic black primed model, and can make painting the primed model a bit easier, as some details that might otherwise get lost can now stand out, and the deeper recesses "stand out" as well.

The trick is to give the black primed models a very light dusting of the white primer.  The first picture below was my first attempt, and you can see that I overdid it a bit on a few facings of some of the Havocs (at least I think so).  The second picture was my second attempt, and I was a little further away with the can of white primer, a little lighter on the "trigger" of the primer can, and just tried not to over-do it.  Making a sweeping left-to-right (or vice versa) motion as you're dusting the black primed models with white also helps a great deal.

Here are a couple of pictures of some models that I primed using this technique.  I like the results, and look forward to getting to painting up these Havocs!

Let me know what you think!

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