Saturday, April 4, 2015

1,500 Point Dropzone Commander Tournament - April 4, 2015 - Post 1

Alright, folks, here are some pictures of our event today.

First up, a picture of the today's players:

Here's the action on Table 1:

Table 3 (no one was on Table 2):

Table 4:

Table 5:

Interestingly enough, all 8 of the armies in this tournament are painted (at least to some degree).  That's a very nice bonus for the event, makes all the games look really good to have painted armies facing off against each other.  I am pleasantly surprised!

ROUND 2 UPDATE - Tragedy Strikes (Sort of...)
Unfortunately, 20 minutes into Round 2, Garrette (PHR) got a call from his Mom, telling him that she had been in a traffic accident.  She's fine, she walked away from the crash (someone else's fault), but Garrette had to leave early (Turn 2) to go get her; the accident site is rather far away, and besides, there's really no way that he would be able to make it back for any more of this tournament.  Fortunately, a friend of his, Dylan G., had come along to watch, and as Garrette was using one of James W.'s other armies (PHR), Dylan kindly stepped in to take Garrette's place in the tournament so that we would continue to have 8 players and Garrette's current opponent, Jake H., could finish playing out the Round.  Dylan has played some DzC, but never PHR (yikes!); but PHR is my main army, and Jake H. also plays PHR when he's not playing Shaltari, so between us we got Dylan up to speed and going, and everything continues apace.!

1.5 hours left in Round 2!  Stay tuned...


  1. Nice paint jobs,
    Fav-Redtide Scourge
    Best-White PHR, then Resistance.

    1. Yeah, they were all really nice. The red Scourge were very striking; a simple paint scheme but very cleanly executed, and the white PHR and Resistance were also beautifully done. On the white OHR he used floor wax to seal them, which made them super shiny, but they also looked hard as nails, and they really popped. Makes me want to sell my 2,700 points of painted PHR and start over. LOL!